3D Full Ship Models


The common practice in current ship structural design is to build a 3D full ship finite element model and perform a complete analysis. In this way the effect of boundary conditions is avoided in a way that the ship model's structural weight (including all applicable loads) is balanced with buoyancy on flat water or on a wave. This is the only way to avoid the effect of boundary conditi-ons on the analysis results. In cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Zagreb our experienced designersimg offer full ship analysis including modeling, loading, strength calculation and adequacy analysis. We also offer buckling checks for various structures according to Class Societies' criteria or directly by nonlinear bifurcation analyses.Our expertise includes work on more than 20 3D full ship models in the last 10 years. The ship types include tankers, bulkers, car carriers, ropax, container ro-ro, passenger catamarans, yachts, general purpose vessels etc. (see our reference list).

Ship Structure Partial Models

img In the case of structures which are similar to the existing and proven designs it is not necessary to make full ship models. Sometimes only some parts of the complete structure are altered or customized according to client's requests so only these parts need to be checked by FEA. Also in the case when a new part of a structure is added to the existing structure their interaction can also be checked by analyzing the partial model. Another case where a new structural check is needed is when the structure is loaded with a different type of loading i.e. when the imgdead-weight of the vessel needs to be increased or when the structure needs to be subjected to some highly concentrated loading. Our expertise includes partial structural models of yacht and ship hulls and superstructures, barges etc. These models need to have proper boundary conditions, far away from the analyzed structure, so that they do not have any effects on the results. Loading on the partial model includes uniform loads (pressures on deck), hydrostatic/ hydrodynamic loads (outershell, tanks), concentrated loads (i.e. helicopter landing) etc.

Structural Details

img When a structural problem is highly localized or a fine mesh is needed to estimate the stress concentration levels, only a small part of a structure is modeled and analyzed. These structural details are usually spots with high stress concentration due to their geometry or load concentration. Our experience includes analyses of structural details on ships, yachts, boats made from steel, aluminum or composite structures. Fine mesh analyses are done imgaccording to Classification Societies' rules and stress concentration levels are checked accordingly.



Natural Vibration Analysis


Once the 3D full ship model or a model of some other 3D structure is finished our tools allow us to make the analysis of a structure vibration natural modes. In a reasonable amount of time (app.1 day) we can provide the customer with a few hundred natural frequencies - global or local modes. This data can be used by the designer to upgrade the structure and avoid unpleasant resonance of the structure in service.


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Our mission

Our company mission is to help designing better and safer structures in all fields of engineering to ensure their safe and effective operation without risks of failure as well as easy maintenance.

Our policy in structural and general design is to rely on experience, to implement proven solutions and to find simple responses to complex demands.



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