About Us

About3BONUM d.o.o. is a consulting small to medium enterprise (SME) which provides rational, simple, innovative and reliable solutions for technical problems in design, production, maintenance and conversion of the marine and other types of complex structures (sea/air/land-borne mobile or stationary production/transportation/storage objects) and/or their components.

Based on our state-of-the-art expertise, diverse skillset/toolbox and extensive experience, offered services are aimed to support realization of the safer and environmentally friendlier structures characterized by the simple production and maintenance procedures which require a minimal expenditure of energy, material and financial resources.

Ultimately, we endeavor to become one of the leading providers of the rational decision making support in design of the complex structures and/or their components, distinguishable by the unquestionable reliability and qualitative superiority of the services delivered to our clients.

About2Contemporary economical and ecological aspects of the production and exploitation of the complex structures increasingly stimulate a growing emphasis on reduction of the consumed energy and material. Compliance with this trend demands contrivance of ever more rational, sustainable and economically feasible structural design solutions, which are, consequently, inherently characterized by the imminently decreased structural safety margins. Provision of such an innovative and optimized solutions within the available timeframe commonly necessitates a competent mastering of the classic and contemporary structural analysis and design methodologies, as well as excellent understanding of the progressively developing production and maintenance technologies. In this respect, the whole spectrum of services offered by the BONUM d.o.o. is generally based on:

•  Very comprehensive state-of-the-art structural engineering expertise, i.e. high proficiency in geometrically and materially (non)linear (i.e. large/small deformation and elastic/elasto-plastic) structural analysis of the static (including bifurcation and contact problems) and dynamic response (stress, strain, displacement, frequency) and adequacy (yielding, buckling and ultimate strength; fatigue, vibrations and noise) of various types of the (non)isotropic thin-walled (monocoque, semi-monocoque and truss) and other load-carrying structures.

•  Excellent familiarity with the existing best practice principles and approaches, contemporary regulatory framework (institutional rules, standards and norms) and production/maintenance technologies.

•  Modern structural engineering workflow, i.e. utilization of the established, reliable and proven Technical Calculation, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Finite Element Method (FEM) software for modeling, analysis, evaluation and documentation of the feasible structural concepts and their variants.

•  Vast experience gained through the dedicated work on a number of the successfully completed unilateral and multilateral projects and case studies.

Over the years, we have established a successful and stable business cooperation with a range of domestic and international stakeholders of the global marine industry market, including shipowners, design offices, shipyards, classification societies and research and development institutions. You are cordially invited to join this collaborative network of our appreciated clients and partners and to leverage all available benefits and advantages of our capabilities. We sincerely hope that you will let us help you discover better solutions for your structural engineering problems.